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Discover the freedom of seamless collaboration and real-time communication with suppliers with Bitsila’s intuitive interface. Manage all the supplier operations by organizing the operations PI creation to payments. Get started now and witness the transformation firsthand.
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Eliminate Costly Errors By Maintaining All Supplier Data In One Place
Why Bitsila stands out in the Supplier Management System?(PDS)
Allow your staff to manage the supplier by adding them as new users.
Allow staff to create the purchase order whenever the stocks go low.
Purchase order created by staff goes to the supplier only after admin approval.
Unlimited staff access with privileges as per your requirement.
Displays each action along with the staff name who made the edits with date & time.
Get in-app notifications for every crucial operation performed by any staff.
Enhance Your Procurement Flow By Automating The Sourcing Process
Purchase Orders
Access every purchase order in detail with its PO number, status, supplier name, delivery date, time, items, PI, etc in one place.
Purchase Invoice
Create the purchase invoice during the time of order fulfillment with the required details like an outlet, supplier, supplier invoice number, invoice date, time, items, etc. Get the list of all the purchase invoices in one place to view the payment details with ease.
Add all the warehouses and their details to the system and get access to all the details like contact info, items, and number of users in one place. Link single or multiple outlets to request for stocks whenever the stock goes low.
Procurement Reports
Get all the reports related to the procurement process such as the purchase-by-time report, purchase-by-variance report, supplier-by-item report, and wastage report to analyze the procurement process with ease.
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