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Experience Limitless Sales by Transitioning from Offline to Online(O2O)

Take your offline business online to expand your consumer base and maintain your offline and online operations in sync. Manage all facets of your business such as marketing, finance, order management, and catalogs, from Bitsila standalone software.
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Encourage Your Customers To Shop Online By Sending Them Promotions Online

Create rich customer profiles by collecting all the required data.
Divide all the customers into different segments based on demographics.
Create and share attractive offers to customers.
Recover sales by sending abandoned cart messages on various channels.
Promote any particular product by sharing catalogs through a QR code.

Be Accessible Wherever Your Customers Shop By Making a Shift Of O2O

Unify Your Online And Offline Sales Operations With Bitsila’s All-In-One Software

Inventory Management
Manage the inventory of your business and receive alerts when stock levels drop below a predetermined level.
Create thousands of catalogs in a go, by importing the excel file with all the details of the product to the system.
Order management
Process orders from all the channels such as website, POS, mobile app, QR code, ONDC, etc, from a single software.
Promote your business by sharing offers on various channels like email, social media, push notifications, and more.
Mobile App Control
Control every action of your business from inventory management to order processing using Bitsila mobile app.
Get end-to-end reports of your business such as sales, marketing, finance, delivery, etc, and make informed decisions in the future.

Exclusive Apps To Facilitate Smooth And Timely Delivery

Provide timely local delivery for your customers by assigning the orders to your delivery agents as soon as the order is placed. Delivery agents use the Bitsila app that notifies them when a new order is assigned and displays the best route to take to deliver packages.
Prep and pack app
Streamline your order fulfillment by packing the orders precisely. The Prep and Pack app alerts the person who packs the orders with a notification. All the details about the order such as the product name, quantity, etc are displayed from the Packer app. In case some products are not available, they can directly call customers for replacement.
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Expand Visibility And Sales By Moving Your Business Offline to Online
Start & Grow Your Retail Business With Bitsila. Sell Everywhere – Online, ONDC, Marketplaces, Whatsapp And Many More.
Empowering every retailer and the retail industry with the world’s best tech and tools for them to thrive in the highly competitive Retail Commerce.

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