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Power Up Your Large Business with Comprehensive Commerce Suite
Manage everything from inventory to customer relationships by getting a comprehensive suite of tools. Make informed business decisions with our powerful data analytics and insights. Ditch multiple software and use Bitsila to centralize all your large business operations in one place.
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Centralize All Your Operations To One Powerful Software With Bitsila
User-Friendly Interface
Bitsila offers a user-friendly interface and an intuitive design to make it easy to navigate and use all the modules with no effort.
Inventory Management
The software handles the inventory effectively by tracking and alerting about the stock levels, which helps in timely sourcing.
Order Management
Fulfill orders from all the channels such as the website, mobile app, QR code, Aggregators, and ONDC from a single dashboard.
Control multiple outlets and their operations such as inventory, products, orders, marketing, etc using a single software.
Financial Management
Using Bitsila you can get all the financial reports related to your business such as P&L, balance sheet, invoices, payments, etc.
Customer Segmentation
Divide your customers based on various criteria such as demographics, buying behavior, etc by tracking customer behavior, and analyzing the customer data.
Bitsila supports every facet of your business to expand and scale your large business as your business grows.
Support and Training
Bitsila provides training during the onboarding process with ongoing support whenever your business needs help to get the most out of our product.
Multiple staff access
Provide multiple staff access to the Bitsila software as per their job roles, responsibilities and the team they belong to.
Analytics and reports
Bitsila offers real-time data insights to make informed decisions using end-to-end reports like sales, marketing, finance, etc.
Speed Up Order Delivery with Bitsila's Dedicated Apps
Prep and Pack app
Offer Prep and Pack app to your staff who packs the orders. It helps them to get all the details about the order such as product name, quantity, etc when the order is placed.
Delivery App
Offer a delivery app to your delivery agents and assign the orders as soon as they are ready. The delivery staff gets notified for each order assigned from the delivery app. They can accept or reject orders and update the status of the order.
Maximize Sales by Reaching Right Audience with Timely Promotion
Create detailed customer profiles with all the relevant information.
Create Customer segmentation based on various criteria like demographics, buying habits, etc.
Create and Share Personalised Offers to the target audience
Recover sales by sending Abandoned Cart messages on various channels
Which Large Businesses Can Use Bitsila Software?
Textile business & Footwear business
Automotive Business & Furniture business
Jewelry business, Cosmetics and beauty business
Electronics business & Food and Beverage business
Healthcare business, Electronics business & Hospitality business
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