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Increase Kitchen Coordination and Accuracy With Kitchen Display System(KDS)
Maintain strong coordination between the front-end and back-end staff and streamline the order workflow with Bitsila's smart kitchen display system. Improve the efficiency of your kitchen staff by tracking the time taken to prepare each cuisine by your kitchen staff.
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Speed up the Preparation Process with Bitsila Kitchen Display System
KDS automatically prioritizes the orders as per the Token number.
Track the efficiency of staff by tracking the time taken for preparing each item.
Say goodbye to paper tickets and let your kitchen staff update the order status in real-time.
Front-house workers can get the order status from the kitchen staff in real-time.
Allow your customers to personalize the orders by adding notes which will be displayed on KDS.
Transform Your Kitchen Chaos Into Culinary Excellence With Kitchen Display System
Seamlessly connect front- and back-end staff with a unified screen for optimal communication and efficiency.
Replace paper tickets, increase accuracy, and receive real-time updates from your kitchen staff.
Displays order from all the sources such as website, POS, ONDC, Aggregators etc.
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