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Build A Powerful ONDC That Stands Out From The Competition
Establish a strong D2C brand both online and offline by selling on multiple channels and fulfilling orders from a single dashboard. Promote your products using our dedicated marketing module and connect with your customers on a whole new level.
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Elevate Your D2C Branding Game with Our Effective Features
Keep Your D2C Business on Track by Streamlining all the Operations using Bitsila
Keep track of your stock levels, and set up alerts for low stock levels. It helps you to automate the sourcing process & be updated with stocks.
Marketing automation
Automate your marketing campaigns, on various channels such as email, and social media, and target particular markets. It will help you reach a wider audience by segmentation and increase customer engagement.
Get insights into your business performance, including sales data, customer behavior, and marketing ROI that enables you to make data-driven decisions.
Order Fulfillment
Streamline your operations and ensure timely delivery by managing the order fulfillment process, including order processing, shipping, and delivery
Streamline the procurement process by maintaining all the details in one place such as PI, PO, suppliers, warehouse, etc to make the process simple.
Order Management
Process orders from all the sources including online and offline from a single dashboard using Bitsila.
Multiple Outlets
Control operations of all the outlets of your D2C brand such as inventory management, order processing, marketing, etc using Bitsila.
Manage all your business expenses such as invoices, payments, P&L, Powerups, etc in a single software using Bitsila.
Track your performance and make data-driven decisions with Bitsila’s robust analytics and reporting tools.
Bitsila Mobile App
Effortlessly control all the operations of your business by accessing all the operations from inventory to order fulfillment through the mobile app.
Industries That We Serve
Beauty products
Pet brands
Sanitary products
More Storefronts, More Orders: A Winning Formula
The easiest and most effective way to increase your sales is by selling on multiple channels and processing all those orders from a single place. Bitsila allows you to sell your products directly to consumers through various channels including online and offline. website or mobile app etc.
Mobile App
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Accelerate Delivery and Packaging with specialized Bitsila Apps
Packer app
Pack the orders accurately by giving the Bitsila Packer app to your staff who packs orders. Using this app the staffs get notifications about the orders as soon as they get placed with all the details like product name, quantity, brand, etc.
Delivery app
Provide a delivery app to your delivery agent to assign orders and maintain coordination between both sides and provide quick delivery to your customers. Delivery agents can also get optimized routes to deliver all the orders efficiently.
Upgrade Your B2C Business Promotion Strategy With Bitsila!
Maintain rich customer profiles with all the details.
Segment customers based on various factors like locations, gender, etc.
Schedule offers and promotional content at the time when customers are the most active.
Share posts on all channels.
Reports get complete reports on all marketing campaigns.
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Get Empowered To Expand Your Business With Bitsila!
Start & Grow Your Retail Business With Bitsila. Sell Everywhere – Online, ONDC, Marketplaces, Whatsapp And Many More.
Empowering every retailer and the retail industry with the world’s best tech and tools for them to thrive in the highly competitive Retail Commerce.

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